Meal & Ministry (M&M) is a congregation-wide opportunity to build fellowship and foster a heart for ministry to our community and the world.

This initiative builds on the success of two incredible ministry events last year, “Feed the Funnel Party” (a ministry to feed needy families in Central Arkansas), and “Operation Christmas Child” (a ministry to provide Christmas gift boxes to needy children around the world).

This year we will come together every other month after Sunday worship to share a meal and focus on ministry. M&M is for the whole family. Each event will seek to engage children and adults.

We are off to a great start. Our first M&M for 2017 took place on January 22nd. We enjoyed fellowship around a meal and featured International Friendship Outreach (learn more about IFO and other outreach ministries of Covenant), a ministry Covenant has been involved with for years. It was a special treat to have international students join with us. A student from Nepal shared her inspiring testimony of how the IFO ministry has impacted her life.

To help you plan, the schedule is listed below.

  • March 12 Caring Hearts Pregnancy Center (Crisis Pregnancy).
  • May 21 STEP Ministries (Inner City Ministry).
  • July 9 Care Bags for the Needy.
  • September 10 Ministering to the Hungry.
  • November 5 Operation Christmas Child.


As I shared on Sunday, January 22nd in the sermon, God has given us our marching orders in Micah 6:8, “to do justice, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with God.” I would like to see justice, mercy, and faithfulness to God be our mission for 2017. The goal of M&M is to help us honor and please God by pursuing these three priorities. I hope you will join us March 12th for our next M&M.

All the best in Christ,