Called to Christ to live for Christ. This is the theme of the sermon series on Paul's Epistle to the Ephesians. Check out the introductory sermon in this series, "Grace to You and Peace."

The heartbeat of Ephesians is represented in the salutation, "grace to you and peace."

The big picture of Ephesians is to be understood for the purposes of this sermon series in light of this theme statement: The Book of Ephesians is about God calling His saints by His glorious and rich grace in Christ to saving faith and then enabling them by grace to be faithful as they live in a manner worthy of this calling, a life characterized by peace.

The first 3 Chapters of Ephesians is a grand and glorious exposition of the riches of God’s grace in Christ Jesus in redeeming a people to be his saints and his church. God tells us who He is and He tells us who we are in Christ. It is orthodoxy – the right doctrine of redemption we might say. It is indicatives – statements of fact about who God is and who we are in Christ. The summary of these facts is the "riches of his grace" (1:7).

The second half of the letter (4-6) is about orthopraxis. Orthodoxy, right doctrine, leads to orthopraxis, right living. Chapters 1-3 are the indicatives – who God is and who we are in Christ - and 4-6 are the imperatives – commands, duty, responsibilities. The key point is the imperatives, how we live, follow the indicatives, the facts about God and who we are in Christ. Right doctrine, orthodoxy, flows into right living, orthopraxis.