Covenant is meeting for in-person worship each Sunday morning at 10:45. The service is also being streamed on YouTube. To access the live stream, click on the link, "Service Live Stream".

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Building the Body

Building the Body

Getting to know each other through fellowship and service.

Ministries to One Another:

Table for Eight

Do you wish you had more opportunity to get to know the people who fill the pews around you each Sunday morning? Here is an easy, fun way to make it happen.  Enjoy a special dinner at Covenant every other month.  The goal is to provide an opportunity to get to know one another better through the sharing of food and conversation.  There will be separate tables for children in grade school on up, hosted by an adult. (Babysitting will be provided for 4 and under. They will need to eat before they come or bring a sandwich.)

Meals and Ministry (M&M)

Meal & Ministry (M&M) is a congregation-wide opportunity to build fellowship within our church body and foster a heart for ministry to our community and the world.  We come together every other month after our Sunday worship service to share a meal and focus on ministry. M&M is for the whole family. Each event will seek to engage children and adults.

Church-Wide Picnic

The annual church-wide picnic is usually held in September on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon from 5-7pm. The picnic sites have been Pinnacle State Park and Maumelle State Park. The children bring bikes, trikes and other games. Some of the group shelters, which are reserved in advance, have swings. The church furnishes Popeye's chicken and biscuits. Side dishes and drinks are brought by the picnickers. A time of singing hymns at the end has been a popular activity.

Ressurection Eggs

The "Resurrection Eggs" are part of the annual Easter Egg Hunt held at Covenant on the Saturday morning before Easter Day. The Egg Hunt is for children (ages 2-9) and there is an opening skit or program, games and search for Easter eggs which are exchanged for filled eggs. Among the eggs at the hunt, are special "Ressurection Eggs". A special presentation of Christ's death and resurrection is given to each group. The special eggs contain symbols relating to Christ's death and ressurection. The child with the special egg receives a special little gift relating to the symbol.

Christmas Cantata


Reformation Celebration

The Reformation Day Celebration is an annual event, usually scheduled for the last Sunday evening in October from 5-7pm. There is a chili and/or dessert cook-off. Children and adults can enjoy the hayride around the church parking lot. Activities for children in the past have been a bouncy house, booths with games, photo booth, etc. All attendees eat chili with all the fixings and dessert. Prizes for the cook-offs are handed out at the conclusion of the meal.