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Sermon Series on Philippians


Philippians, A Gospel Advancing Life is the current sermon series, based on Paul’s letter to the church in Philippi.

Paul addressed this letter to the “saints in Christ at Philippi” his beloved friends and partners in ministry. In light of their relationship with Christ, he sought to encourage them to live a life in a manner that served the advancement of the Gospel.They likely faced the prospect of persecution from the Roman culture in which they lived and opposition from fellow church members, possibly from elders and deacons. Paul’s encouragement in this letter of 1633 words provides practical advice to the church to exhort believers to live in such a way that their lives would serve the advancement of the Gospel. His practical advice in Philippians is much needed in the church in our age. May we be encouraged to grow in living our lives in such a manner that advances the Gospel in our day. 

The series schedule is provided below. The Sermon audios are available on this website at Sermons.

All the best in Christ, Tim

  • February
    • 3rd       1:1-2; 3:14
    • 10th     1:3-8
  • March
    • 3rd        1:9-11
    • 10th     1:12-18
    • 17th     1:19-30
  • April   
    • 7th        2:1-11
  • May
    • 5th        2:12-18
    • 12th      2:19-30
    • 19th      3:1-11
    • 26th      3:12-4:1
  • September
    •  7th        4:2-9
    • 14th      4:10-23